Cat Face Party
Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn)
$10 with cat face, $20 without cat face

Cat Face is the party where you draw a cat face on your face. Then we dance and drink and listen to dirty party music and have fun all night long.

A cat face on your face makes you look hot, cute and ridiculous all at the same time.

Douchebags don’t like to draw cat faces on their faces. So there are no douchebags at our party.

Cat Face is full of fun people who like dancing. We get good DJs. Even the DJs have to have Cat Faces on their faces.

The CAT FACE PARTY is about having a shitty CAT FACE drawn on your face and then getting so drunk that you forget it’s there. Then, you drunkenly laugh at everyone for having a CAT FACE drawn on their face while everyone else drunkenly laughs at you because YOU have a CAT FACE drawn on your face!

No dogs.
No acting like an actual cat.
No other cat paraphernalia apart from a cat face – it’s not a cat appreciation society.
Don’t dress like a cat. You won’t get in.
Those are the rules. We’re not sure why, but they are.

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