Saturday, March 16th: Ridgewood Market’s Clothes Swap

Ridgewood Market’s Clothes Swap
Gotham Thrift Shop (60-47 Myrtle Ave., Queens)
$5 with clothes, $8 without

Bring a bag of clothes you no longer want and swap them for something totally unique for your wardrobe!

What we want:

Vintage articles
Am I missing anything else?

All the funds will support:
Ridgewood Market & Ridgewood Social!

Left over goods will be donated to Gotham Thrift Shop.

Will there be plus size clothes?? YES!
Will there be vintage?? YES!!
Will there be big name brands?? YES!!
Will there be stuff for dudes?? YES!!

What is not allowed:
We don’t want undies!
Kids’ clothing!
Athletic wear/gear!
You know…stuff you don’t want to touch yourself.

Clothes you bring should be clean and in good condition.

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