Launch Your Book Through Kickstarter
Wix Lounge (10 West 18th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)

With every day that passes, self-publishing starts to look like a more attractive option than going the “traditional” route. But how do you raise the capital that will mean the difference between a successful launch and suffering from the “self-pub stigma?”

Crowdfunding is here to help! In a nutshell, sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo let you post a video and description of your novel project, along with a target goal for the amount of money you want to raise. You promote the project, getting as many people as possible to “back” your idea, and when you’re done you have a nice nest egg to pay for an editor, artistic talent, publicity, and more. (Details vary from platform to platform.)

Benefits of Crowdfunded Self-Publishing

Control over your story, your title, and your cover art
A higher percentage of the profits
Shorter timeframe: you don’t have to wade through countless rejections over the course of years
Gauging interest in your project before you publish
Gaining user feedback
Built-in publicity
Financing professional help that will improve the quality of what you have to offer

Whether you’ve never heard of crowdfunding before, you think it could be a cool thing to do someday, or you’re actively setting up or running a crowdfunding project, this event is for you. The members of our panel have experience with Kickstarter projects, traditional publishing, self-publishing, and novel promotion. They’ve researched crowdfunding extensively, interviewed crowdfunding project owners and executives from crowdfunding companies, and done extensive research into what separates successful projects from unsuccessful ones.

Here are some of the questions our panel will answer:

How do I decide if crowdfunding is right for me?
Can I access stats and research that will help push me to the top of the crowdfunding pile?
Which crowdfunding platform should I choose?
How do I decide on my crowdfunding target and rewards?
Where can I find help setting up a website, doing social media, and creating a video?
How can I build a strong base of support for my project even before it launches?

All attendees will receive exclusive packets with tips, research data, interview quotes, and more.

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