“The Cheryls” Tour 2013
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)
$5 before midnight, $10 after

This SATURDAY, we’re back in Brooklyn and ready to defend our home TURF. We’re preparing for a massive disco KERFUFFLE with you and your crew. You better watch your back on the dance floor.

Come with your posse. Roll deep. And be prepared to fight to the death with your most insane moves until no one is left standing on the dance floor.

Need costume inspiration? Think greasy. Sweaty. Subterranean. Gritty. Metro transit pleather pop-star. Overalls and rollerskates. Togas and golf clubs. Gold chains and silk bathrobes. Neighborhood mascots. A menacing band of mimes. Bad. Beat it. Bubbles.

Michael Magnan (House of Ladosha)
DJ Nick (CHERYL Resident)

Brooklyn based aerial dance company, aeradance.org

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