Wednesday, February 13th: ‘Cities Without Ground: A Hong Kong Guidebook’

Cities Without Ground: A Hong Kong Guidebook
Van Alen Books (30 W. 22nd St., Manhattan)

Hong Kong is a city without ground: built on steep slopes, density obliterates traditional figure-ground relationships of axis, edge, center, and fabric. Compact networks of pedestrian infrastructure, public transport and natural topography in the urban landscape redefine the relationship of public and private spaces. Cities Without Ground explores this condition by mapping the three-dimensional circulation networks that join shopping malls, train stations and public transport interchanges, public parks and private lobbies. Who are the stakeholders in these layered and variegated networks? What are the territories of civil society and global capital, and where are the sites of resistance? Join authors Adam Frampton and Jonathan D. Solomon as they discuss the new book and Hong Kong urbanism with special guest Grahame Shane.

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