Comedians At Law
The Stand (239 3rd Ave., Manhattan)
$15 in advance

In 2011, these four attorneys with backgrounds in government, politics, and private practice got together to form a business that relied on their collective expertise. But when Strippers-at-Law was a miserable failure they realized, fortunately, that they were also all stand-up comedians.

Combining their diverse and intelligent brand of humor with a desperate desire not to practice law, the Comedians at Law have traveled the country entertaining law schools, comedy clubs and anyone else willing to cut a check that can be used to pay down their student loans.

The group’s four members represent a cross section of law and comedy, but what they all share in common is an unbreakable bond of having disappointed all of their parents.

Members of Comedians at Law have appeared on CBS, The Chatter With Robin Quivers, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Sirius/XM’s “Raw Dog” Comedy, Fox and CNN.

The Comedians at Law are:

• Alex Barnett
• J-L Cauvin
• Kevin Israel
• Matt Ritter

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