Greenpointers Valentine’s Market
From The Source (69 West St., Brooklyn)

Picking up a local gift for your honey will be easy with over 45 vendors under one roof, which will be outfitted into a love den with the amazing styling of Julie Holis Styles

Art, Crafts, Gifts, Food, Prizes, Raffle, Photo Booth, Message In A Bottle!

Refreshments by Brooklyn Brewery, Dandelion Wine, Boylan Soda and Cafe Grumpy
Treats by and Pie Corps
Special thanks to From the Source and

In God We Trust
Queen Majesty Hot Sauce
Your Secret Admiral
Mike’s Hot Honey
Kill Devil Hill
Monsters with Caramels
Manor House Soap
Satoko Nobe Jewelry
With Roots
Miss Havisham Vintage
Rubber Pieces
Bright Beige
Cinnamon Girl Granola
O Live Brooklyn
harMonica Design
Buyer’s Remorse
Black Sheep Head
Min Choi Pottery
Couch Sleepers Association Of North America
Seven Wonders Vintage
Long Play Coasters
K. Hansen Jewelry
Brooklyn Post
Cake Hero
Tasty Morsels Bakery
Life with Tigers
Ink & Sword
Trinh Huynh Candles
Potter’s Jewelry
Sprout & Pea
The Bored Vegetarian
Greystone Jewelry
Truffles by Coquette
Rose Smoke Quilting
Brooklyn Charm

$5 Raffles (for our Writer’s Fund!) From:

Paulie Gee, Selamat Pagi, Fives Leaves, In God We Trust, Dalaga, The Richardson, Freckle, Human@Ease, Word, Her Majesty Hot Sauce, Brouwerij Lane, Greenpoint Trading Co, Greenpoint Heights, Black Rabbit, Brooklyn Brainery, Cato’s Army Navy, Yoonmi Lee, The Little Class Slipper, SW Basics

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