Betty Goes Vegan
MooShoes (78 Orchard St., Manhattan)

Betty Goes Vegan is Annie and Dan Shannon’s debut cookbook. Their goal with this book was to produce a complete and comprehensive guide to help people not just go vegan but stay vegan by recreating 500 of their favorite meals & dishes cruelty-free style. There is a wide variety of recipes in here for chefs of all skill level – from the amateur can-opener to the gourmet food architect – sprinkled among helpful tips, anecdotes from the three year adventure Annie and Dan Shannon took through Betty’s Big Red as well as Betty Crocker history and analysis. The result is a delightful and accessible compendium with long lost loves, reliable go-tos and not so guilty pleasures.

The authors will be on hand for all your questions and accolades. Books will be available for purchase. Drinks and Snacks will be on hand, of course!

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