Head On: Jock Jams vs. Nerd Anthems
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)

Here at Head On Industries, we pondered what to do for the second month of our new dance party. We’re anticipating the upcoming Superbowl with a mix of excitement and disinterest. On the one hand, here are two teams, battle-tested, each led by a different brother with designs on the prize. On the other hand, it’s football. Isn’t there something else people can talk about on Facebook?

Our friends seem as divided as we are, and so we thought it high time to pose this musical question: Who makes better music? The nerds or the jocks? Is it the outsider anthems of angst and songs filled with high tech electronics that only someone with a pocket protector and a soldering iron could decipher? Or is it the songs of the triumphant, the jams that echo through stadia and arenas worldwide, calling us all to join in the chant and stomp our feet to the beat? We have no idea, so you’re going to have to help us by dancing your collective asses off.

Spoolwork will command Team Jock while Brian Blackout (last month’s winner for Team Britpop, defeating Team Indie Rock) will helm Team Nerd. To us, it makes no difference if you were a varsity athlete or in the AV club in high school. You can show your allegiance by dressing up as a freak, geek, nerd, dweeb, jock, baller, cheerleader, or whatever strikes your fancy. We won’t judge. We’ll battle the themes back to back at midnight, and you’ll pick a winner. The winner takes all the jams. Two DJs will enter. One DJ leaves.

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