LinkedIn Hacks: 40+ Strategies for a Killer Profile & Connections
Wix Lounge (10 West 18th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)
$15, registration required

You know that LinkedIn is the social media network for the professional world. You know you are supposed to be doing more with it. You know you could be getting a lot more out of it.

So why aren’t you?

In this class, we will teach you exactly how to optimize your profile so that you can make meaningful connections that will help you accomplish your goals.

When you leave our class you will know how to:

•Create a powerful, accessible profile on LinkedIn

•Discover connections that you can benefit from

•Develop the presence on LinkedIn that will bring you connections and business

•Keep a simple routine that saves you time

We will give you a 6-page guide listing the tactics and Action Steps to complete each one. You will want to bring a pen or pencil, and potentially paper for notes.

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