Beer Can Appreciation Day Party 2013
Idle Hands (25 Avenue B., Manhattan)
Free admission, free can of beer if you wear a Hawaiian shirt

Come join us for National Beer Can Appreciation Day and wash down some Burgers & Tots with an amazing array of canned beers.

All beer in cans only $4
All you can drink beer cans only $20 until 10 pm

Plus The Return of Idle Hands’ “Hodad’s Happy Hour” at 9 pm

EL KAHUNA MAS GRANDE, the Luchador DJ playing all Surf Rock
All cans of beer only $4
FREE Surf and Turf Buffet
FREE can of beer if you wear a Hawaiian shirt!

The beer can was born on 1/24/1935. That is the day that the first commercially successful canned beer went on sale to the general public. The brewery was the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company of Newark, New Jersey; the beer was Krueger’s Finest and Krueger’s Cream Ale; and the shop was test-marketed in Richmond, Virginia. (The reason Krueger test-marketed the product in the south was because if the new packaging was a flop, they wouldn’t tarnish their good reputation in their core market in the northeast.) The rest is history!

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