The People’s Caravan
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
10pm doors, 10-11pm open bar

We’re taking on the world, starting in India, through Israel and on to Europe and so on and so on. As of now it is just an idea, but it has been only just that for too long, so some of us at No Man’s Land Extravaganza are taking it on the road. Only by physically heading out there will we come together.

The people’s Caravan is an art collective on wheels, it’s a nomadic festival of Art, Music, Freedom and Self Sustainability. Gypsies of sort, a bit on the punk side of things, a bit on the hippy side of things. For all the Burners out there, imagine a small traveling village or mini burning man on wheels!!!

The day is for relaxing, and expanding ourselves through art, body, mind and DIY skills and knowledge for living off the grid.

The night is for parties and dancing and theatre and showing off local talent wherever we are.

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