“Dishing the Dirt with Dirt Candy” with Amanda Cohen, Ryan Dunlavey and Grady Hendrix
Mid-Manhattan Library (40th St. & 5th Ave., Manhattan)

Dirt Candy is the only restaurant in New York City devoted entirely to vegetables, and its chef and owner, Amanda Cohen, will be dishing the dirt on running a restaurant in New York. Set on fast forward, the restaurant world of the Big Apple is like a rough and tumble pit fight, and running a restaurant here is different from doing it anywhere else on earth. In addition, Amanda and artist Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers) will be speaking about their collaboration, Dirt Candy: A Cookbook, the first graphic novel cookbook, and their co-author Grady Hendrix will be talking about New York’s unique history of vegetarian restaurants. Wild, wooly, and featuring more monkeys, pandas, and giant robots than you can shake a stick at, this panel will feature the shocking facts about NY restaurant realities, a graphic look at creating a graphic novel, and a chance to travel back in time to an age when kosher restaurants ruled Manhattan.

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