Saturday, January 12th: Introduction to Herbal Healing

Introduction to Herbal Healing
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
$10-20 sliding scale

The art of using herbs for healing has been around for thousands of years, with every culture creating their own unique system based on the plants of their bio-region, or what they may have cultivated in their gardens. Even you may already be doing it by adding basil to your tomato sauce and cinnamon to your oatmeal.

However, in the last hundred years, modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs have displaced herbalism and we have forgotten how to use natural remedies for our health and well being.

Nevertheless, this intuitive, earthly knowledge was not lost and we can certainly bring it back to heal and awaken our mind, body, and spirit!

Sybil Killian’s Introduction to Herbal Healing, will go over the basics of herbalism. You will learn how adding herbs to your life on a daily basis can help you improve your health. She will also cover methods of preparation and how to buy and store your herbs.

Please bring a writing utensil and a notebook.

Sybil Killian is a certified herbal healer and Reiki practitioner and founder of Root, Leaf, and Flower.

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