Charting the Road to Resilience: From the Ground Up
The New School (66 West 12th St., Manhattan)
Free, registration required

The goal of this free event is to share lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and to cultivate ideas for becoming a more livable and resilient New York. Join us on Saturday, January 12 for a series of hands-on workshops designed to foster an exchange of ideas and enable grassroots networking with a diverse group of stakeholders from across the region.The event will include a series of a keynote panels and break-out discussions to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among community leaders, civic officials, innovative entrepreneurs, New York residents, and urban planning and design practitioners eager to spark a conversation about how to move forward from this devastating event – and prepare for the next one. Special guests will include resource people instrumental in the neighborhood-led recovery of New Orleans.

The event is free, but registration is required. Register now

The event will invite a wide range of industry experts and community leaders to create a collaborative environment for all New York metropolitan residents to come up with strategies and ideas for building the Road to Resilience. The event seeks to answer the questions:

What tools do New Yorkers need to protect, strengthen, and grow their neighborhoods?
How can we ensure adequate infrastructure response for our vulnerable populations?
What role do renewable energy technologies and infrastructure have in the future of New York’s resiliency?
What zoning tools can we use to strengthen the edge and protect our delicate infrastructure?
How can our health systems respond quickly and efficiently in the wake face of sudden shocks?
What policies could better prepare small and local businesses to cope with disruptions?
What are entrepreneurial New Yorkers doing now to aid in Hurricane Sandy’s recovery efforts?
What lessons can we learn from the experience of New Orleans and abroad?
Can this crisis lead to more participatory forms of governance?
What messages do we want to share with local, state and federal government?
How can cultural networks and industries adapt their services in the face of catastrophic events, and make our neighborhoods more resilient?
What lessons have we learned from the use of social media in Hurricane Sandy?

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