Trivial Matters
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)

Friends, it’s 2013. The future is officially upon us. Will this be the year we finally get the jet packs, flying cars, and unisex one-piece jumpsuits that have been promised to us by scientists since time immemorial?

Probably not. Which is a bummer. On the plus side, you are invited to come commiserate humanity’s lack of technological progress with Greg and Brock this coming Tuesday, January 8, at the first Trivial Matters of 2013. The theme will be THE FUTURE and we’ll have five rounds of questions on aliens, robots, and all the other stock sci-fi characters that will some day rise up and enslave us all.

As always, we’ll have prizes after every round, plus a $50 personal check from Brock for the winning team. Just be sure to cash it before we switch over to galactic credits, space bucks, or whatever currency will be called…in the future.

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