Twelfth Night
American Globe Theatre (145 W. 46th St., 3rd Fl., Manhattan)
$10 general, $20 all-you-can-drink

Prepare yourselves for fast-paced, high-stakes bardolatry. In Hit & Run Shakespeare, there is NO director, NO rehearsal, and NO plan: just pure, spontaneous PLAY! Our ensemble of actors will come together, fully memorized and with fully developed characters, to create a one night only, fully staged production of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT.

Accidental Shakespeare Company embraces the philosophy “Play on!” by bringing elements of improvisation to classical text. A referee will monitor the play and ensure that any dropped lines, missed cues, or slack entrances are punished appropriately. Each actor will costume themselves, and is required to bring one random prop to contribute to the play.

We encourage you the audience to contribute props as well!! A prop can be absolutely anything at all – a common household item, something random, something silly, something useful. Props will be placed around the playing space for actors to use during the performance. (Props will be returned after the performance, but please don’t bring anything extremely valuable or breakable. Thanks!)

We believe that the joy of live theater lies in its accidents and screw-ups — and watching actors deal with them creatively. The hilarity, the life, the truth of TWELFTH NIGHT will emerge from this sense of play, and the dynamic it creates with you — our audience!

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