CHERYL: My Super-Sweet Sweatsuit Semi-Formal
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)
$5 before midnight, $10 after

Feeling flabby from furious festive feasting? Pining for pajama prom pix and pillow poofing? Not needing NYC New-Year’s nonsense? Behold, Beryl! An anti-apocalypse antidote!

Welcome to the fashion mullet of partying: formal tops, pajama bottoms. The best of both worlds. Ditch the tuxedo rental, put on your most luxurious Champion sweatpants, and head on down to the Bell House for a semi-formal with a TWYST.

On December 29, show the world what you’d normally wear when you’ve got the stomach flu or you’re on day five of a seriously crushing breakup. Take pride in the generous folds of jersey cotton, rippling over your poorly concealed boner. Wanna do a split? Go for it. These pants are built for dancing.

DJ FAKE MONEY (Friend and Lovers)

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