Light & Shadowplays
Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)

Ian M. Colletti & Ghosts to score live spectre music for this phantasmagoric light & shadowplay with Optipus & Tentacles (Bradley Eros, Sarah Halpern, Victoria Keddie, Rachael Guma, Tim Geraghty, Matt Wellins, Kenny Curwood & Joel Schlemowitz.) Projections outside & in + live soundtracks, vehicular lighting, moving shadows, film loops, slippery slides, and footage lost & found, + foley, electronics, string inventions, tapes, vinyl & voice.

The idea is to do projections from outside the windows & inside the space, using cars & other vehicles (moving & stationary) plus projectors (film, slides, video & loops), and hand-held lights (flashlights & clamp lights on extension cords, etc.) with live soundtracks of spectre music inside. That’s the main event, tho the night will also include other projections inside to live soundtracks, including various instruments, foley, electronics, string inventions, recordings, tapes, vinyl, & voice.


Ian M. Colletti
Bradley Eros
Sarah Halpern
Matt Wellins
Victoria Keddie
Joel Schlemowitz
Kenny Curwood
Rachael Guma
Tim Geraghty

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