Thunder Gumbo XVII: WRAPTUREMANIA 2012
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
$5 in costume or before midnight, $10 otherwise

Come get your unconsciousness elevated at our smack-down this FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!

As the World Ends…two Titans will battle for divine supremacy:

QUETZALCOATL – The Feathered Serpent, the spastic Aztec, the ruler from Cholula!

Weighing in at 425 pounds, this Mayan Deity goes straight for the Teoticles- watch out, he’s a man with no time to lose!


SANTA CLAUS – The Father Christmas, the reindeer charioteer, the soul of the North Pole!

Weighing in at 385 pounds, this monstrous marroon marauder is promising a room full of red noses and a stuffed chimney whether you’ve been naughty or nice!


Also featuring exhibitionist rounds by Doc Advencha, QuetzalGuncle and Barbara Streisand.

Come between 10 and 11pm for complimentary limo rides, with free champagne (and compliments)!


Zuzuka Poderosa
Zuzuka Poderosa has been bringing her own post-modern brand of baile funk – which she calls ‘Carioca Bass’ – to the world’s stages for a number of years now. Born and raised in Brazil, the half-Indonesian human baile funk boombox scorches ears from a home base in Brooklyn.

Stumblebum Brass Band
The Stumblebums reject nostalgia in favor of riotous spontaneity. Too punk for guitar and amps, The Stumblebums are known for ambushing innocent subway passengers and crashing bars with their post-apocalyptic Lower East Side punk brass sound.

Low end theorist, eclectic basscentric ass motivator general, Black Label, Gold Whistle, Dance!!Attack!!

Joro Boro
Digital native booty bass for the post-pop generation

Brooklyn-based chaos magic DJ

Also featuring:

– Performances by stars of the House of Yes X-Mas Spectacular including Anya Saphozhnikova and Kae Burke
-Live WWF style wrestling performances
-Midnight champagne toast as the world is ending, real pain throughout the night
-Cult-themed chillout punch room upstairs (don’t drink the punch!)
-Sexy sacrificial alters
-Champagne limo rides between 10 and 11

Costume suggestions:

A ruined Mayan, an Aztec basketball team, anything featuring clocks, feathers, serpents, Santa suits, Christmas sweaters, strap-on antlers, and anything sacrilegious.

Your costume choice may very well influence the battle for our destiny…choose wisely.

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