Filthy Song Night IV
Jalopy Theatre (315 Columbia St., Brooklyn)

Filthy song guru Bluff Channahon (of The Barbara F*cking Walters) stages another all night takeover of the Jalopy Theater with New York’s finest performers and songwriters singing the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest songs this side of the east river. Tales of bedroom antics gone awry, overly-friendly strippers, gender confusion, and inappropriately timed bowel movements will fill the air. The night kicks off with three special mini-sets by last year’s award winners Uzimon, Mindy Raf, and Doug Skinner, followed by a huge song circle-jerk and awards ceremony MCed by the Jersey-Italian supergroup The Meatball Brothers. Then after every dark corner of filth has been explored the evening ends with a late night dance party with West Virginia’s filthiest ambassadors Wild Rumpus. Formal attire is requested at the behest of Sir. Channahon.

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