Blueprint for Murder
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

Before making Sword of Doom, Kihashi Okamoto set out to recreate the world of 40s noir within Japan’s postwar white collar community. The movie is a gleefully cynical, a bubble-gum explosion like Seijun Suzuki but heavier on plot. When test-driving a potentially game-changing new motorcycle engine, young Kusaka is killed on the bluffs overlooking Tokyo; the police write it off as his fault, but his younger brother Jiro seeks to investigate.

A breezy ‘Scope noir packed with razor-sharp images, colors and sounds. Swingin’ Japanese nightclubs and occult secret communities are wrapped around a whale-hunting-gear-manufacturer’s brother’s mysterious death. One of the greatest pieces of pop art ever made, perhaps Blueprint’s alternate Japanese title says it all best: Bullet Holes Of The Underworld.

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