Solstice 2012: Illuminate, Communicate + Listen
Madison Square Park, Manhattan

The Madison Square Park Conservancy is delighted to host Solstice 2012: Illuminate, Communicate + Listen, a special program on the eve of the winter solstice on Thursday, December 20, 6pm – 9pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather around our current Mad. Sq. Art installation, BUCKYBALL by renowned light installation artist Leo Villareal.

Presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, SHRIYOGA, and Disorient, the shifting colors from the glowing BUCKYBALL will complement the evening’s meditative celebration, as well as the collaboration between the physical, spiritual, and the creative.

SHRIYOGA Founder and Director Elizabeth Rossa and dance/performance artist Laurie Berg will guide participants through a Celestrial Communication, which is a meditative practice inspired by Kundalini Yoga. Much like the multisensory effects of Villareal’s BUCKYBALL, the event will highlight modern ideals of harmony, intuition, heightened consciousness, and introspective contemplation. DJ/Music Producer James Healy will add further dimension to the evening with musical accompaniments that were specifically composed for the event.

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