Great Alaskan Sweater-Off
Alaska (35 Ingraham St., Brooklyn)
8-10:30 registration, 8pm-4am

On the evening of December 20th, in the year 2012, at ALASKA, one man or woman or transgender will be crowned Bushwick Sweater Champion 2012.


+ Contestants must arrive to Alaska between 8pm and 1030pm SHARP.

+ Present yourself to the judges and sign in to receive your number and free slice of pizza (will pizza lasts)

+ All contestants must provide a Sweater Statement when they sign in.

+ Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Style (aka dorky-ness, wacky-ness, grandmability); Swagger (how well you wear it); Sweaterness (look and feel of materials, colors, aka bedazzle factor); and Ingenuity (unique qualities/modifications? DIY?)

+ At 1045pm, after careful deliberations, the judges will announce the finalists

+ For the final round, finalists will be presented to the crowd for applause, with their Sweater Statements read aloud

+ Shortly after 11pm, the Sweater Jury Prize will be awarded ($50 bar tab!) to the winner chosen by the judges, and a People’s Sweater Award as chosen by the audience ($25 bar tab!)