American Daydream
Culturefix (9 Clinton St., Manhattan)

On View Through Saturday, December 29th

The American Daydream is one of unexpressed desire, an aspiration for more than what is offered by the American system. It necessitates the creation of a new American milieu, be it emotional, social, psychological, or physical. This exhibition at RAC features 16 artists whose work grapples with the disparity between the opportunities associated with the American Dream and the response when examining the true nature of the American system. We call this grey area the American Daydream. The exhibition features photographs, prints, sculpture, video, and performances by artists who examine and challenge this phenomenon with their work.

The Artists:
Aaron Beebe
Alexandra Townsend
Brendan Picone
Elizabeth Moran
Elizabeth Shrier
Fortune Chalme
JaeWook Lee
Jon Irving
Jordan Chlapecka
Madhuri Shukla
Miles Pflanz
Naomi Feuerstein
Robert Brush
Sylva Dean and Me
Whitney Johnston
Zoe Bellot

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