Offshore Television
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

Defined by its lo-fi video fuckery, excessive celeb cameos, and no-laugh jokes, “Offshore Television” is totally dumb and stoned; a lost classic for no-one.

As a child in Cincinnati, Ohio, musician C. Spencer Yeh viewed a bizarre late-night sketch comedy show that leaves an unshakable impression. It remained elusive over many years, and Yeh began to question its existence and the integrity of his own memory. As recent as the late 2000’s, he was unable to discover any information or even trace of its existence—until following up on a faint mention from an obscure message board landed a dub of a fan’s VHS tape in hand.

Tonight, we present three of the five known extant episodes of thelong forgotten late 80s tv show ‘Offshore Television.”

Despite the comprehensive fansite from which the Hudson Brothers biographies and the filmography were taken from, there is NO information about “Offshore Television” on the internet. The only acknowledgement of its existence is a comment on the website in regards to the mid-70s “Hudson Brothers” variety show:

“I was crazy about the Hudson Brothers! Brett (my fave!) and Mark did a show around 1990 called Offshore Television – I still laugh when I think some of the skits from that one! The Hudson Brothers did a movie in ’83 called Hysterical, but it wasn’t as funny as the TV shows.”

Curator update:

As of checking late 2010, there is now an entry for the show on Info continues to be scarce.

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