Sacred Object Holiday Bazaar
Maha Rose (97 Green St., #G3, Brooklyn)
Free admission

Lisa Levine Jewelry
Cuyo Jewelry & TAPA byTamika Rivera
IAMU Chocolate
Kin of Kin
Erika Vala Paintings
Mystical Crystals by Jessie Rose Vala
White Light Candles
JSDNYC by Jenn Stewart
EAT Pottery by Jordan Colon
Golden Well Apiaries
Natural Mystery by Future Saints
Da Bruxa Restoratives
Wilderness of Wish
Kitcharee by Six Petals Organics

+ Plus +
Oracle Card Readings with Judy-Anne Payawal
Flower Essence Consultations with Oceans & Rivers
TInsel Town Tresses with Sonya Tsuchigane
Reiki with Tabitha Silver & Samantha Yurkosky
& more surprise treats !

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