Rauschenberg ist Tödlich: A Diner
Fitness (1196 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn)
Free, ordering items is encouraged

PPL perform a menu of edible and inedible options as ordered by audience members, including music, text, actions, and interactive sequences. How do cultural practices defecate experience? How are syntheses of cognitive dissonances performed? How is combination platter performed, why is rauschenberg still smoking cigarettes on the sidewalk, what is that grey stuff in the corner? The opera’s frameworks for improvisation, functioning as a “book” for the opera, evolved from improvisational and object-based performances done collaboratively by Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle, and Esther Neff over 8 days’ time in bowling alleys, public libraries, gallery, bar, art fair, house, confusing themselves with 1.) the “content” that regurgitates the combine between art and life even when attempts to repress “meaning” and totally objectify the meal are practiced 2.) the mouth between almost daily participation in diner situations/the state of our bodies on such a diet/etc and internal, subjective narration of “performance,” 3.) intersubjective exchanges (conversations, etc) performed both while perceived as either “performing” or “not performing” and as readily as digestion.

Anyone can come and sit in the diner (admission is free), ordering items is encouraged ($1-$5/ea).

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