John Cage at 100

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In honor of the 100th birthday of legendary American composer John Cage, the American Symphony Orchestra presents this tribute concert during its 50th anniversary season. Set in the main hall of the prestigious Carnegie Hall, Celebrating John Cage at 100 includes three pieces composed by Cage and a set of works from Cage’s biggest musical influences, including Austrian composer Anton Webern, experimental New York composer Morton Feldman and French avant-garde composer and pianist Erik Satie. Cage is considered a pioneer of electronic music and modern dance and is heralded for his use of musical instruments in nontraditional ways. The American Symphony Orchestra will perform Cage’s “Cheap Imitation” and the New York premieres of “Etcetera” and “Etcetera 2/4 Orchestras.” The conductor will be available on stage for a Q&A an hour before showtime.

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