The 3rd Annual NYC Beard and Mustache Competition
Warsaw (261 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn)
$15 in advance

Proceeds go the NYC Chapter of The MS Society

Raffle, Bands, Pierogies and Prizes! People’s Choice Awards!


Natural Moustache (no styling aids)

Styled Moustache (styling aids allowed)



Partial (for those that do not fall under the goatee/chops category, looking at YOU MILETUS!)

College (18-22 year old competitors or baby faces)

Women’s most fantastic (creativity)

Groomed Beard (brushed, trimmed, shaped with minimal styling products permitted such as light moustache wax, hairspray used to shape)

Full Beard Styled Moustache (heavy use of styling aids on your moustache)

Full Beard under one foot (no styling aids)

Full Beard over one foot (no styling aids)

Freestyle (anything goes, styling aids)

Women’s most realistic (if you use your pubes you automatically win)

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