Zines With I Love Bad Movies
131 Greene St., Manhattan
Free, RSVP required

With a humorous presentation highlighting the almost infinite subject matter to be found in zines, I Love Bad Movies will explore the benefits of zine-making, how zines compare to non-print media. Attendees will have browsing access to a portable library of zines while local zine makers present on: zines vs. blogs, why zines are important, what you can say and accomplish with a zine, how to make a zine of your own, and the various styles and formats of zines from New York City and beyond.

Presented by Matt Carman & Kseniya Yarosh (organizers of the Brooklyn Zine Fest / editors of the film zine I Love Bad Movies) and Jenna Freedman (Barnard Zine Librarian/ creator of the zine Lower East Side Librarian).

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