Political Economies and Anthropologies of Money
Institute for Public Knowledge (20 Cooper Square, 5th Fl., Manhattan)
Free with RSVP, bring photo id

Join the Cultures of Finance working group for a public discussion with Dick Bryan and Keith Hart on the Political Economies and Anthropologies of Money. This discussion will be moderated by Randy Martin.

Both Profs. Bryan and Hart are highly critical of the current and frequently inequitable financial system, and both have offered ways for us to think our way out of it. This dialogue aims to explore how we might combine Hart’s call for a “human economy” with Bryan’s reading of the financial derivative as a “binding and blending” instrument. These concepts help us think better about how the instruments and arrangements of finance might contain some kind of liberatory moment that not only makes wealth more inclusive, but perhaps more equitably distributed according to human needs.

We expect this discussion to explore, among other themes, current regulatory proposals, austerity programs, Greek/EU debt, and the Strike Debt Movement.

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