Baffler 21 Release Party with Thomas Frank and Julie Klausner
Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St., Manhattan)

Announcing Your Money and Your Life, the third and last issue of The Baffler’s revival year. To celebrate, editor John Summers will host a launch party featuring a round of “Ayn Rand: The Game Show.”

The game takes place in a future where libertarians have conquered the world and Ayn Rand’s ghost is rewriting all of literature to match her Objectivist vision. Contestants Thomas Frank (Baffler founding editor and author of Pity the Billionaire and What’s the Matter with Kansas?) and Julie Klausner (host of the hit comedy podcast “How Was Your Week” and author of I Don’t Care About Your Band) will square off against Ayn in this contest of wits and self-interest.

Baffler 21 features Thomas Frank on Occupy Wall Street, Rick Perlstein on Mitt Romney, and David Graeber on magic and politics, along with dazzling criticism by Barbara Ehrenreich, Chris Lehmann, and Christian Loretzen. And much more.

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