Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)
8 & 10pm

ESP LAB is a media based collaborative formed by Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan in 2012. The collaboration explores sound and vision through analog methods and electronics. Work is presented in both a performative context as well as exhibited. Their hybrid station for manipulating video signals and soundwaves is comprised of signal generators, TV monitors, video mixers, and modulators. Kiernan and Keddie also direct and operate E.S.P. TV, a live taping broadcast on Ma
nhattan Neighborhood Network public access television.

8pm JANDEK (Live at Vaudeville Park) + ALEXANDRA DREWCHIN (EarthEater) + MIKE WEXLER

10pm E.S.P. LAB demonstration + HOLLY HERNDON + LARY 7 + JONAS REINHARDT

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