Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance 2012 Meeting
The Center for Architecture (536 LaGuardia Pl., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required

We invite you to set the agenda for the next 5 years of waterfront work in New York City at MWA’s 2012 General Assembly.

2013 city-wide elections provide us with an opportunity and the imperative to set the course for our harbor and maintain the waterfront progress of the last several years.

We as a waterfront community couldn’t have a more pointed reminder than Hurricane Sandy that public policy for our waterfront matters. Come on November 14th to discuss with you waterfront priorities for the coming election year and the next five years at the 2012 MWA General Assembly.

The event will be organized to gather input from you on all of the important waterfront issues affecting New York City with a special emphasis on the ways we must adapt to sea level rise and the many challenges this presents.

The results of our work at the General Assembly will help develop a progressive waterfront policy MWA will use to influence the platforms for those who seek elected office and to inform and finalize MWA’s new strategic plan. We are excited to begin the conversations about the future of the New York City waterfront.

Your input, expertise, and opinions matter! Come and share your ideas, enjoy great discussion and contribute to the continuing work to improve the Harbor and waterfront.

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