Adult Education
Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St., Manhattan)

On November 7, Adult Education will tackle the topic “Tools of the Trade,” with lecturers David Rees and Amy Sohn

DAVID REES, “Artistanal Pencil-Sharpening
Reacquaint yourself with the pleasures of a hand-sharpened pencil. Here, let David Rees help you.

AMY SOHN, “The Assistant”
Some people are not meant to be personal assistants. Amy Sohn is one of them. She recounts her ill-fated stint as gofer for a downtown indie auteur.

DAVID HILL, “Ballyhoo for the Flat Store”
David Hill, the grandson of travelling carnies, examines the evolution of the American carnival through a few of the more popular midway games.

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