Mock the Vote
Beauty Bar (231 E. 14th St., Manhattan)

Planning on watching election coverage? Not looking forward to the 90% of it that’s boring as hell? Wish you could instead spend that time watching the city’s funniest comics perform standup?

You’re in luck! On Election Night 2012, Beautiful Comedy Presents: MOCK THE VOTE, an election party and comedy show extravaganza!

Here’s how things will work:
–Election! We’ll have one of the network feeds displaying on the projector the entire time. You’ll get to see everything that’s happening, but instead of the boring parts, we’ll have…
–Comedy! After a state is called for one of the candidates, a comic representing that state will get onstage and make you laugh

The event starts just before 7, as polls start to close, and goes until we have a clear vision of the future of this country going forward. Or are too drunk to care.

As always, Beautiful Comedy is hosted by Peter Ostrovski and Ilya Goffy and is absolutely FREE.

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