Bat Haus Presidential Election Party
Bat Haus (279 Starr St., Brooklyn)
$5 in advance

Friends, November 6 is the 57th quadrennial election for President of the United States. It is also the 1st Bat Haus presidential election party. Best-known as a Bushwick coworking community, Bat Haus has spent the fall transforming itself into a political juggernaut. Battle-hardened by countless hours of campaign rallies and fundraising dinners, with its stump speech polished to a shine, Bat Haus is running for America’s finest election party and it wants your vote!

Featuring continuous election coverage, plentiful beer and snacks, swing-state bingo, partisan jello shots, political jenga, Bat Haus’ 100% unskewed election tally, and a special “elephant room” for all you New York Republicans, November 6 promises to be an evening to remember and/or forget, depending on the result. Don’t be surprised if Joe Biden is sleeping it off on the couch on the morning of November 7.

Come and celebrate democracy before the election gets thrown over to the Supreme Court!

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