Glamour Tango NYC

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The 7th annual Latin American Cultural Week opens with this performance of GlamourTango, an all-female music and dance show that presents a renewed vision of the role of women in tango. Since its 2009 premiere in Uruguay, GlamourTango has been presented in Argentina and Brazil, and in the U.S. in Chicago and New York. Famed Uruguayan pianist Polly Ferman has created and produced this stylish production of tango music and dance from South America’s Rio de la Plata region, performed by musicians and dancers who specialize in the art of tango. The program features compositions by famed tango composers Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgan, Anselmo Aieta, Pintin Castellanos, Rosita Quiroga, Enrique Mendizabel, Daniel Binelli and more. Argentinian tango singer Roxana Fontan will appear as a special guest.

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