Silent Barn Public Meeting
XAPNO (33 Flatbush Ave, Fl. 5, Brooklyn)

Running a volunteer charged collective has no set formula.

Everyone has a different array of techniques that work for that specific family.

On June 22, we are coming together at Exapno to converse about alternate ways to manage community-centric organizations from group leaders who’ve lead successful projects in the past. Come hear about the influential projects people are organizing in New York. Learn how to get involved.

Topics range from horizontalism to voting structures, what it means to be fueled by volunteers, and how to let your organization grow.

In many ways, it’s like Parenting 101.

When do you let go?

A diverse group of panelists will explore these topics together and with the audience, plus musical performances, food and drink!

G. Lucas Crane (Silent Barn
Cory Bracken (Exapno
Kunal Gupta (Babycastles
Victoria Sobel (Occupy Wall Street – NYC General Assembly
Maia Murphy (The Public School
Justin Colletti (Vaudeville Park
Rachel Steinberg (The Trade School
TBA (Bluestockings

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