Fortune Telling for Fun and Entertainment
GrandOpening (139 Norfolk St., Manhattan)
Barter, registration required

Ever wonder if you might have a psychic ability? Do you believe in signs and superstitions? Then this class might disappoint you. Fortune telling for fun and entertainment is all about using your imagination and not taking things too seriously to explore and gain insight to life’s conundrums. In this class you will learn how to use the scrying object (e.g. tarot deck, crystal ball, tea leaves, etc.) of your choice to tell a convincing story. You will then learn how to use that story to answer any impossible life question – such as, “Will I ever find true love?” More importantly you will learn how to listen and develop a meaningful exchange that can help the querent (person asking a question) find the answer they have been looking for. Don’t have a scrying object? Sure you do! Almost anything can be used for scrying. Objects that generate random patterns are best for beginners- such as a pile of dried beans, when shuffled around, can display many interesting patterns and shapes for your interpretation. Also a deck of playing cards, or loose buttons, an unused stamp collection… seriously, almost anything. We’ll spend half of the class going over some basic fortune telling techniques and etiquette. Aidinha will also share some fun discoveries she’s made along the way in her fifteen years of fortune telling experience. Then we’ll have plenty of time to partner up and practice. Aidinha has been reading tarot cards for a variety of clients for over fifteen years. She has been interpreting cloud shapes and the rustling of leaves in the wind for even longer.