Silent Barn Public Meeting
The Gottscheer Hall (657 Fairview Ave., Queens)
$7-20 sliding scale donation

This is the first of a series of Silent Barn PUBLIC MEETINGS; an experiment in group participation!

This is an opportunity for us to share all of our progress with you in person, and hear your thoughts. This is an opportunity to think about, talk about, and collaborate to imagine the future of DIY art culture in New York, including the some-day real new Silent Barn. This is an opportunity for you to get directly involved in many new Silent Barn projects and put your hands in with us. This is an opportunity for all to be a host again to an incredible music moment in New York, such as Ava Luna’s release party for their new record on Infinite Best. This is an opportunity get down to business with the finest krainerwurst in all of Queens, at the Gottscheer Hall.

This is also an opportunity to pick up the new Silent Barn zine!