Leighton Pierce: Sharp Edge Blunt
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
$9 suggested donation

Pierce explores the margins of memory and perception and the cinematic construction of space and time in order to crack the hold on normal reality. In his earlier work, unsentimental close views of small events are rendered in a manner that magnifies their strangeness. More recently he has developed a complex performative shooting technique, wherein he shoots thousands of hand-held long exposure digital stills on location that he then weaves into “video shots” that become the raw material for reconstructions of experience. In all of his work, Pierce draws from his deep commitment to the structural meaning potential of musical and non-musical sound to complete his emotional/temporal manipulations.

Staring with two of his earlier 16mm film works, Leighton Pierce will take us through a series of works that progressively crack his sense of normal time and space. In addition to these two works from the ‘90s, he will screen the following digital video works.