Occupy Yoga
Liberty Plaza, Manhattan

On 11.11.11, beginning at 11am, Occupy Yoga with the Wellness Working Group will be hosting an all day event at the Tree of Life at OWS to welcome in the Aquarian Age (11.11.11). we will share specific exercises to solidify our commitment, elevate our mission and increase the occupiers’ spirit of community, love, fearlessness, and victory.

The day will be filled with 11 hours of activities, from 11am to 10pm – including yoga, meditations, lectures, live music, more! Yogi Chai will be served through the day. Come at any time, and stay… Not for yourself, but for our new future together in this exciting new age.

UPDATED SCHEDULE of EVENTS: 11.11.11 – 11am to 10pm

10a – Set up and volunteers circle to clean up and prepare for the day – Meet at the Tree of Life. Bring flowers and treats.

11a – Tune in and invocation. Reading of the Aquarian Lecture by Yogi Bhajan. Read 5 Sutras of Aquarian Age. Close with a prayer.

11:30a – Yoga/Meditation class with Live Music (Sat Darshan Singh)

12p – Full Kundalini Yoga Class ((Drum Circle))

1p – Full Kundalini Yoga Class ((Drum Circle))


1:30p – We serve food, tea and snacks.

((Classes with Music – 2-4p))

2p – Lecture and Meditation with Senior Teacher Harinam Singh Khalsa
2:30p – Open Class with Music with Adi Love
3p – Music and Chanting with SatDarshan Singh Khalsa

3:30p – Live Music with Simon Spire (http://www.simonspire.com/)

4p – Full Kundalini Yoga Class ((Drum Circle))

5p – Movement meditations with… (TBA). ((Drum Circle))

6p-7p – Aquarian Age Yoga Class and Meditations. 5 meditations for the Aquarian Age with Senior Teacher Sat Jagat Singh.

((DINNER Break, Tea and Snacks))

7:30p – Female Energy, Female Passion Meditation with Megwynn

7:45p – Meditation for Cold Depression

8:p – SuperHealth Addiction recovery Class with Fateh Singh and Asia

8:30p – 2 special long meditations (22 mins and 31 mins)

9:30p – Meditation and practices for the Radiant Body – Breaking through and overcoming (challenging yoga & meditation)

10p – Closing Group Chant (Sat Siri Akaal).