Friday, November 11th: Crystal Grid Activation at Body Actualized Center

Crystal Grid Activation
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)

11/11/11 is powerful numerically, as a symbol, 11 represents the transformation of the physical into the Divine. The Earth’s Crystal Grid acts much like the Human Chakra system, with energy points throughout vibrating with unique intensity and purpose.

The Crystal Grid System is the vehicle through which the Light of the Universe is flowing to increase the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy existing on Earth.

We will gather to raise this energy so that the most pure vibrations may echo in tandem with others to heal and excite all living bodies on Earth.

This is a ceremony to prepare our bodies and minds for the great influx of Light that will penetrate us, join us in creating a portal for this energy to flow and reverberate.

Its the Science of Energy


7:00 pm ⟩ Sexy Yoga led by Amy Jenkins ⟩
This will be a very special class involving heavy breathing, deep petting and body movement to connect our hearts with our sexual desire. Bridge the gap between body and spirit, power through shame and break through into a new transformative light.

8:30 pm ⟩ Astrological Charting talk by Kayla Cohen ⟩
Kayla will share the mystery of astrological charting: reading into and understanding the planetary influences unique to each of us

11:00 pm ⟩ Ceremony of Light ⟩
Using chanting and breathing, we attune our hearts to the sacred vibrations.

12:00 pm ⟩ New Age Dance Music with DJ Jan Woo + others ⟩
Following the ceremony we will release this powerful energy with dancing.