Bollywood Bloodbath
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

After what seems like a thousand years of blood, sweat, tears (and a lot more blood) the zombified disc disciples at Finders Keepers (Kreepers!) unveil one of their most exquisite, exhumed, ectoplasmic, and existentially essential collections yet. This musical mausoleum of malformed freak funk and dreadful discothèque pop has been resurrected from the maligned cinematic subculture of Bombay’s bloodthirsty horror film industry and witnesses the cognoscenti of the Bollywood pop scene at their most creative, destructive and experimentally effective. Licensed exclusively from the independent Indian film music companies Bollywood Bloodbath is the result of avid stomach turning research via VHS tapes, chewed-up cassettes, and LPs, 12”s and 45s remastered from some of the only existing master tapes; now available in one palatable mind melting masala plate of Hindi horror!!!! The kind people at Bufflalo Trace Bourbon will be sponsoring the event and pouring out free Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

presented by B-Music/Finders Keepers Records

A celebration of Hindi Horror with a tribute to the Ramsay Bros +
special screening of
Son of Dracula (2004; mind melting masala of horror movie madness!!)