Tuesday, November 8th: Happy 150th Anniversary, Civil War: A Lecture & Historical Beard Competition

Happy 150th Anniversary, Civil War
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies (SASS!) is proud to present a series of lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. Once a month we will meet to discuss a different historical topic that you probably knew at one point but don’t remember anymore, plus THEMED DRINK SPECIALS.

November’s lecture will be “Happy 150th Anniversary, Civil War!” which means we’re gonna take all ya’ll on a fun and informative journey so as to reacquaint yourself with the war between the states. We’ll teach you all about the causes, major battles and after-effects of this big, bloody, mess of a war. Also, we’re bringing you an in depth report on how those crazy Yankees in New York City handled this whole situation.

Be sure to stick around afterward for some libations and intellectual digestion as your ears are soothed by the funky grooves of DJ Phury.

Also, BEARD OFF!!!!!!

As you may or may not know, having ridiculous facial hair was a common past time of Civil War participants. Thus we are proud to announce the first ever S.A.S.S. Historical Beard/Mustache Off.

Gentlemen, please sport your fanciest facial hair (ladies, if you feel like making a fake beard, go for it.) Best beard gets an awesome prize!