Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook
Greenlight Bookstore (686 Fulton St., Brooklyn)

Rachel Wharton, editor of Edible Brooklyn magazine, presents Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook

Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook captures the dynamic culinary vibe of our borough through profiles of the people, places, and foods that make Brooklyn so Brooklyn, along with unpretentious recipes culled from the kitchens and pantries of Brooklynites. It’s also a cookbook with an opinion, one that advocates for preserving food traditions, savoring food experiences, and pulling back the curtain on where Brooklyn’s food comes from and how it gets here. Join us for a discussion of the book and Brooklyn food culture with Rachel Wharton, editor of the cookbook and deputy editor of Edible Brooklyn magazine, part of the James Beard Award-winning Edible Communities family of magazines. We’ll also be showcasing tasty treats from some of the restaurants and makers featured in the cookbook!