Migratory Media: An Evening of Appropriation and Experimental Animation
Proteus Gowanus (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Proteus Gowanus is happy to announce the first screening in the Migration Film & Video Series.
After the screening, filmmakers Lilllian Schwartz, LJ Frezza and Steve Cossman will be on hand for a discussion.

This program of shorts includes films from two unique eras; the present and the 1970s. Both time periods are turning points in the artistic use of the computer. With appropriated source material like Muybridge’s Running Man photographs, the Mona Lisa, or John Wayne’s peculiar performance as Ghengis Khan, these filmmakers transport visual data from the analog realm to the digital, and vice versa.

Lillian Schwartz and Toshio Matsumoto, worked in the 1970s to expand the early aesthetic of computer-driven experimental animation. Douglas Goodwin, Rebecca Baron, and LJ Frezza follow in their footsteps by re-structuring the very pixels of classic American films. Steve Cossman, on the other hand, creates an entirely new way in which we can “watch” a still image. Throughout the evening, you’ll witness the migration of visual data throughout multiple mediums and across timelines.