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Thinking Things
Dueling: Let’s Murder Each Other Rationally – the gentlemanly method of settling arguments
On the Origins of Capitalism – the history of the 1%
Let Freedom Ring: A Brief History of America at War – a primer on American armed conflicts
Typography: A Crash Course – the art and history of fonts
If you’re itching to learn something ASAP, check out Medieval History: From the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance & Like a Rock Star: Writing About Music, both of which start this week!

Doing Things
Cartooning: Art of the People – super hands on, but no experience required
How to Kill at Karaoke – answering the hard q’s, like whether you should ever sing to your ex
Intro to Home Canning – back by popular demand!
The Art of Fly Tying – because you know you’ve always wanted to
Cake Decorating Basics – from crumb coats to frosting flowers
The Joke’s on You: Secrets Behind Jokes and Joke Telling – why some jokes flop & others become classics
Weird Spices – tasting a lot of crazy stuff, plus history + science
Beginning Calligraphy – more new November sessions!